Internet is the new Oil; Your Liberty is its payment.

Dear People,

Even before we realize the power of Internet, It is being usurped by various interest groups that never project themselves in the mainstream. Be it the ITU, Independent UN body, Individual governments etc. the main focus is on who gets to control the Internet.
As we share our contents everyday, “like” our friends statuses and comment on photographs, there are organizations that project themselves as saviors of internet and get support from similar organizations and form a network within themselves. They then negotiate with governments across the world to push for their policies. It gets deeper and more sophisticated every year as we turn a blind eye to whats happening around us.

Everything happens secretly and without considering public opinion. They don’t consider public opinion because it has been that way all the time. They are pretty sure that we will accept everything in the name of law and act civilized within the set of rules framed by them. Which in other words is “Liberty” in real world.  The freedom that we enjoy in the virtual medium is slowly but skillfully being pushed in to a closed cage by projecting  “terrorism” “cyber war” “abuse” etc. as our immediate threats.


Too soon, we will have balloons flying over our heads, white spaces penetrating trees and mountains, providing seamless connectivity, access, interactions, etc. Everything at the cost of our “Liberty”.

The dark age for internet is over. The Internet experiment is now moving to its next phase and it can be even more darker if we don’t act now.
The real concern is in allowing people to handle power by themselves.
Let us do something. 


“How long do we expect rational people to accept using terrorism to justify and excuse endless executive and state power?”- Actor John Cusack

“Everyone’s worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there’s really an easy way: Stop participating in it.”
– Noam Chomsky

9 thoughts on “Internet is the new Oil; Your Liberty is its payment.

  1. How can v trust middle men btw us and the govt, middle men like Google, Yahoo, MS… who share pvt data in the name of preventing terrorism…

  2. This is scary but then we are Indians, we carry on, no matter what. This is how we are. Everything happens all over the world but we go on . . .

    Joy always,

  3. We should never allow governments to monitor the net. The net belongs to the people,and it should remain with the people at any cost.Ganesh.

  4. Adadadada…. Pinniteenga sir… Konnuteenga sir….. Ennamma ezudhireenga sir neenge, Ovvoru vaarthaiyum epadi sedhil sedhila sedhukirukeenga…… Got to grasp a vast sea of knowledge from your blogs… Keep up the good work!!!!! Happy writing…..

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