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Internet is the new Oil; Your Liberty is its payment.

Dear People,

Even before we realize the power of Internet, It is being usurped by various interest groups that never project themselves in the mainstream. Be it the ITU, Independent UN body, Individual governments etc. the main focus is on who gets to control the Internet.
As we share our contents everyday, “like” our friends statuses and comment on photographs, there are organizations that project themselves as saviors of internet and get support from similar organizations and form a network within themselves. They then negotiate with governments across the world to push for their policies. It gets deeper and more sophisticated every year as we turn a blind eye to whats happening around us.

Everything happens secretly and without considering public opinion. They don’t consider public opinion because it has been that way all the time. They are pretty sure that we will accept everything in the name of law and act civilized within the set of rules framed by them. Which in other words is “Liberty” in real world.  The freedom that we enjoy in the virtual medium is slowly but skillfully being pushed in to a closed cage by projecting  “terrorism” “cyber war” “abuse” etc. as our immediate threats.


Too soon, we will have balloons flying over our heads, white spaces penetrating trees and mountains, providing seamless connectivity, access, interactions, etc. Everything at the cost of our “Liberty”.

The dark age for internet is over. The Internet experiment is now moving to its next phase and it can be even more darker if we don’t act now.
The real concern is in allowing people to handle power by themselves.
Let us do something. 


“How long do we expect rational people to accept using terrorism to justify and excuse endless executive and state power?”- Actor John Cusack

“Everyone’s worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there’s really an easy way: Stop participating in it.”
– Noam Chomsky

Fools by choice: Manipulation of public in a democracy

Media has always been the secret geeky programmer that would install a new message or keep repeating the same message every day in the minds of people on how to think, what to do and where to see. Its job is too subtle that most of us fail to recognize it in our day today life. It is the numero uno force in controlling chaos by projecting a smoke screen.

Ever since the 2012 doomsday was proved wrong, The Indian media set their eyes on the 2014 elections and started their campaign by constantly repeating news stories of two gentlemen everyday.
The self-proclaimed “Responsible” media have already started to direct us to take sides. They got to do this because we have the choice to choose our leaders and they have the power to direct us on whom to choose. (Under the assumption that we are too busy with our lives and have too less time to think about whats going around us) Well, Giving us options is not profitable for the investors as well as invisible governors of our day today life.

Illusion of Freedom
Illusion of Freedom

The coverage the two personalities get is stupendous, their air time as well. We are constantly bombarded with these two names round the clock, experts discuss their strategies, their ideas, their bull shit etc.  because when we stand in line under the scorching sun with the hope for better governance and change there should just be two names in our mind. Just two names because you know your vote for an independent candidate is never going to matter, the rest others have already been manipulated and guided to vote.

Even if the majority would be an average 60% with 31% for party A and 29% for party B, and that would still mean the joint 700 million consisting of people who chose not to vote and who vote for party B would be ruled for another 5 years by the manipulated public of party A.

Democracy is a Funny game.

“You wish to be free, but there is no such thing as freedom. You can redecorate dungeon to give illusion of freedom, but you are still in dungeon.” “I should’ve had the choice.” “Choice is illusion, same as happiness and freedom.”

– Carolyn Crane

Don’t forget to choose your masters this 2014!
We got no choice other than believing we got choice.

A Nation of Sheep or Pack of Wolves ?

The silence is raging!
Everyday inside my head I question myself.
Why is everyone silent? How can we stay silent? Why do we accept a system that is mechanical and how can 20 years of formal education and 40 years of job with fun on weekends, be normal ? be life ?

Why is this society so stupid to believe in everything that’s been propagated too slowly and skillfully ?

With each question I began my search for answers and the first one I thought about is our “Belief System”. We are trained at a very young age to “believe”.

By default on birth, we are classified under a “belief system”, labeled based on color, caste, faith, city, country etc.. kids are then sent to school, made to read, marked against whats taught, ranked against other kids, trained to follow the routine for 14 more years, all this to bring them under one common roof and as they grow up they are taught to be part of a larger belief system which is instrumental to control people. Any deviation from the established order is identified and crushed in these 20 odd years.

Job well done by the labor manufacturing unit.


In governance, “To believe” is a dangerous word.

We would have heard all our leaders demanding us to believe in them, believe in their rule, believe in our country, believe in our judiciary, but nowhere we will be persuaded to think. This is were our stupidity is projected normal.

How many leaders would have encouraged us to Think? Think about them? Think about their rule ? Think about our country ? Think about our Judiciary ??

How will it sound If Rahul Gandhi in a rally, stares at the crowd of several thousand and says, “I want all of you to think, Think about what we have done to this country in these 10 years, think about our rule, think about our efficiency and vote for us again”

A system based on belief brings people together which helps rulers who “think” and control them, whereas a system based on “thinking” would bring numerous thoughts which might lead to chaos. Chaos might sound negative but its negative to the ruler, enlightenment to people and hence the illusion that its negative.

I believe without divisive belief systems, a belief system based on love would bring peace and make this world – Heaven.

A  thinking nation would only further humanity.

Power to the people.

I want you to think and register your thoughts.

P.S: Money is also a reason. Read my earlier post on money and register your thoughts.

Who created this money? The piece of shit that buys everything!

The Fight for Internet: Let the battle begin!

Down through the centuries, this trick has been tried by various establishments throughout the world. They force people to get involved in the kind of examination that has only one aim and that is to stamp out dissent.

Pete Seeger

When the internet was introduced, we were all promised a level playing field which not only triggered information and digital revolution but also revolutions against oppressive regimes around the world, our voice only grew louder with everyone Jumping into the bandwagon to be part of this huge experimentation, to create a global community that would allow one to develop, cherish connections, be an entrepreneur, be an activist, have a voice and freedom of thought.
But, now that the results have come out and experiments have reached their conclusion part, its time for us to get back to our routine and follow orders, Immerse ourselves in unreal reality shows, read and watch opinions thrown at us. (At least that’s what we are doing now)
The World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) to be held in Dubai this December will be attended by 193 countries meeting to decide on the fate of internet which none of the media houses consider worth giving coverage. From hereon we will be mute spectators, Diverted from the main battlefield that would be fought between oppressive countries, corporate owned countries, anonymous and civil society activists. Perhaps its the disinterest of a majority of people that provides support to improper governance and corruption and its interesting to watch how different governments frame each sentence in their proposals which promise no harm to liberty and freedom of its own citizens and yet shamelessly hang and suffocate freedom of speech in the real and digital medium. (P.S: Even if you “Like” it you will be put in Jail)
My question is “If people own the internet, Why are the serving governments fighting to gain control over the internet?”
Government actions across the world raises more concerns,
  • Do they really want us to speak or restrict ourselves from making any comments?
  • Are our freedoms restricted within the framed rules?
  • Is freedom all about hearing and watching what is thrown at us? and
  • Do governments serve people or people elect the government to serve them?
Back in the battlefield, while the corporate owned country want its corporate to thrive and retain power in the pretext of freedom to people, the oppressive regimes (not surprisingly, includes Russia, China, Brazil, India, Iran and plenty more) are lobbying for region specific restrictions on the internet. Though their ways are different, their motive is to bring an order to the chaotic internet space that’s ever-expanding and connecting people at a rapid pace, unimaginable.
What if the chaotic crowd in the internet realize that governments across the world do the same with different country names?  What if they realize their borders are only to divide and rule? and What if they protest at the same time across the world? This can be facilitated only by the people owned Internet medium and not by corporate owned media houses and hence it becomes necessary to put an end to the chaotic mob when it is distracted by celebrity gossips and trivial issues.
So will the governments gain control over the boundary less crowd ? or will there be  a common ground to work on?
All depends on the active participation of the real stake holders, the 2.45 billion people who use the internet to connect but if the participating governments prefer to neglect the billion stakeholders, Revolution is the only option.

Power to the People.

Take action!
Sign and Pledge your support:

Nail in the coffin of Transparency : RTI Activist Death

In a fast paced world connected through Internet, There has been a huge increase in the amount of information which people share with each other. Not to be left behind, our government too under the leadership of PM Manmohan Singh, came forward to share Information under the  Right to Information Act. After 58 Years of “democracy”, The RTI act in 2005 was our first step in adding more transparency to the system but unfortunately similar to every other law, it has only helped the corrupt, powerful hooligans to find and knock out the crusaders fighting against the corrupt system.

The delusion that RTI will help in establishing a more transparent system is fading fast with each murder, harassment and assault. It has only made one point strong, If you wish to fight the corrupt, come out, shout louder, demand information and get murdered. For this “Act” has only been a mouse trap for the corrupt to identify crusaders and not the other way around as widely presumed to be.

Are we democratic ?

Politically Yes! But in reality No! Under the sugar-coated projection of democracy we have allowed ourselves to be governed, regulated, censored by sadistic politicians, thugs who find pleasure in betraying, mocking the dreams of a billion people and crushing those who are tirelessly trying to fix the system – with brutal force.

RTI Deaths in India

What do we miss ?


Everyone of us! What do we do when we hear about the murder of an RTI activist ? Switch channels ? Share Posts ? Listen to debates ? Read the full story and forget ? 

What is their strength ?

Our Memory!

Check this quote on a “lighter note” by Shinde.

“Earlier the Bofors was a talking point. People forgot about it. Now it is coal. This too will be forgotten,” Shinde

The strength of the corrupt system is how often we hear a news and how quickly we forget it.

Dead, Dead, Dead, Dead!!

What really is dead is Humanity! The feeling of oneness that shows up only during cricket matches and celebrity shows!

We forget that every death is a nail in the coffin of Transparency, Democracy! 

Every one in the above list are fighters, they fought for us, fought to empower our people, they left their families behind, came out in the open, unarmed, all alone, to fight the corrupt. but unfortunately the “only” time we heard about them was only after they were teared to death.

The list is growing as we turn blind eye to the existing corrupt system.

What could be done ?

The right provides powers to 

  1. Obtain copies of permissible governmental documents.
  2. Inspect permissible governmental documents.
  3. Inspect permissible Governmental works and obtain samples.

And to Access RTI, the applicant will have to provide their permanent address, photo identification and father/spouse names, In most cases even before the information they sought for reach them, the corrupt pigs knock their home. Maybe they planned it perfectly from the initial stages to eliminate people fighting against the corrupt. 

We need a system where permissible governmental documents can be accessed anonymously. Every Information on governance should be made public and must be accessible over the Internet. There must be no restriction on the information provided and people must be encouraged and given the power to get access to the information they need, anonymously. Accessing information on governance is a Right and people who access them should be provided complete immunity from the corrupt.

Till then its a joke! a mockery of democracy and injustice to the billion people of our country. 

RTIs anniversary on 12th October will be a reminder to the selfless service and obituary of RTI activists.

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