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In the age of Transhumanism, Giving up your data is giving up your Mind

We are perhaps the last generation of humans standing on the boundary drawn between humans and their upgraded versions, analyzing and debating on how we make a successful and ethical transition to our upgraded version “the H+”. While many ethical questions remain on dehumanizing the human race, it is good to take care of our available rights from the beginning to avoid absolute submission when the transition takes place.

Our lives are digitized, what we type, what we speak, what we read, what we shop, every minute detail gets digitized and stored forever, with companies creating more and more variations of handheld personal assistants, voice assistants and wearable gadgets that can monitor our interactions, health and enhance our thinking capabilities, It is imperative that we keep a track of what we share on these proprietary platforms that give complete control to its creator, irrespective of the amount that we pay to own them.

Source: http://we-are-star-stuff.tumblr.com/post/67421764327/outreachscience-what-is-transhumanism

In the age of transhumanism, giving up your data is giving up your mind, When Eric Schmidt, proudly says,

We can suggest what you should do next, what you care about. Imagine: We know where you are, we know what you like

he means the unquestioned submission by the human race under the false perception of control over themselves and their devices. As the convergence of humans, internet and electronics take place, it is this exclusive access to our mind, taken out through the Internet and passed on to authority that is of serious concern.

With no laws to govern the Internet, no rights to be protected, the internet leaves its users more vulnerable than ever, to be plundered by data miners, big data analysts, government spy agencies and MNCs that for now play by the line of doing good. In the age of Transhumanism, when our digital profiles across platforms get consolidated, we are at the risk of allowing ourselves to be governed by one mind that takes control of all these developments.

As Bruce Schneier puts it,

For if we are observed in all matters, we are constantly under threat of correction, judgment, criticism, even plagiarism of our own uniqueness. We become children, fettered under watchful eyes, constantly fearful that — either now or in the uncertain future — patterns we leave behind will be brought back to implicate us, by whatever authority has now become focused upon our once-private and innocent acts. We lose our individuality, because everything we do is observable and recordable.

Take Control. Share Wisely.