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Northeast Exodus: Let us join hands, Unite and Evolve

The dawn of a new day just after our celebration of 65 years of freedom has manged to reveal us that not all is well as it seems to be in our Vast, diverse Motherland.

The scene of our own country men fleeing their own state is perhaps the most uncomfortable situation to witness by a fellow Indian. It hurts deeply and highlights the fragmented relationship that we have shared with our North East brothers, their safety concerns are rather valid, for they rarely felt safe once they left their place of birth and entered the dense, chaotic Indian metros.

As far as I my observation goes, most of the men and women from NE are employed for cheap labor in cities and are left to live an isolated life with minimal interaction with the local communities, On gathering information from various resources online and Social media groups I noticed that their isolated life is also out of fear of being humiliated by the intolerant behavior of Local Groups. Yes, The races are different, so is every other race in India from south to north, from east to west, and it is this diversity cut across kilometers of land that defines our country – India.

The worrying cause is the perception formed in each other communities. These perceptions deny people from both the communities the true essence of inclusive community participation. The idea of Multiculturalism which leads to the representation of each community is what showcases us as the biggest democracy and it gets severely battered with instances of Intolerance and Racism. Racism undermines Development.

The government which encourages globalization, which in turn has brought communities together, should also actively indulge in positively altering perceptions tangled in knots within these communities. It is time for retrospection, Government should think and plan for building and bridging gaps within India, These can be met with the use of art and culture, with the promotion of knowledge and wisdom, and by encouraging collective community participation. Watching more hands join together would be our first step towards peace and harmony.

A Note for Media:  24X7 Media have no right to call themselves national media when all they cover is metros with heavy bias on Mumbai and Delhi. It is foolishness on their editorial part to think that people will not be interested in knowing about North East and South. If winning a chess championship by Vishy or a  medal by Mary Kom is what would make them cover the regions, we will have to wait till 2016 Rio Olympics. 24×7 channels have enough time to cover the whole of India but that’s only possible when they break out of their capitalistic interests. Media can for sure play a crucial role in altering perceptions (After all they do this for all their paid advertisers) and bring communities together to form a Formidable India.

What we need is not a revolution but evolution of man”kind!”

India’s Terror Response

Terror strikes and Bombay are synonymous. It happens every now and then at will, when the terrorists feel they are not given proper care and attention. What do these terror strikes really mean to us? A reality check.

Congress: To them this is purely a publicity stunt by terrorist and that’s how they term anything that doesn’t look good for the government.

Media: A New Breaking News and something new to chew about other than the Jan Lok pal Bill. Fancying a Indo-Pak war would top the agenda. To them life is a reality show.

Politicians: Would Visit Hospitals, Announce Money ranging from 1 lakh – 5 lakh depending on the Injury, sympathize in front of media, go home – sleep.

Home Ministry (you need not be an intellectual to understand this)

Step1: Confirm Terror Strikes Once Bomb blasts Happen.

Step2: Strictly Condemn Such Cowardly acts.

Step3: Accuse Pakistan

Step 4: Look upto US and other countries for Extending Solidarity against Terror.

Step 5: Forget.

Step 6: When Terror strikes Again, Goto Step 1.

People: Update Fb Status, Post pictures, type –  awwwwww, r.i.p, hang kasab,  goto pakistan communities and video channels curse their mothers, family etc show your patriotism.. logout.

This seems to be an endless story.
Everything is the Same, Except for the Lives Lost.

The Media Mafia

In connection to a case where every Indian has been ripped off 10,000 rp (approx) , CNN IBN ran a 1 hr show dedicated entirely to support CORPORATE LOBBYISTS. (Dec 16th http://ibnlive.in.com/videos/137688/should-lobbying-be-legalised-in-india.html) and posted its own views as VIEWER comments Supporting LOBBYING IN INDIA… all 5 comments posted were **FAKE TWEETS MANIPULATED JUST TO INFUSE THE THOUGHT AMONG PEOPLE THAT LOBBYING IS GOOD**  I.e They wanted people to believe what Nira Radia has done is professional ..!!

(Thanks to a brilliant viewer who suspected those tweets, when he/she searched for those tweets in twitter, they were found to be non existent accounts ! http://dalalmedia.posterous.com/)

This TWEET SCAM or the TWEETGATE  has the media would term it, was covered in THE HINDU as well – http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/article961539.ece

In this case, What Did CNN IBN Expect to Happen ?!!

There is a theory in mass communication SPIRAL OF SILENCE THEORY”

It states “The Mass media play a large part in determining what the dominant opinion is, since our direct observation is limited to a small percentage of the population. The mass media have an enormous impact on how public opinion is portrayed, and can dramatically impact an individual’s perception about where public opinion lies, whether or not that portrayal is factual.” (Wikipedia)

CNN IBN  by posting all the five tweets  supporting LOBBYING and following it up with the Editors View Supporting Lobbying is desperate to Convince and Influence its viewers that LOBBYING IS GOOD and What Mr.RatanTata has done is Acceptable.

“It tried Skilfully to Manipulate Public Opinion”

Note: Almost all the comments received in CNN-IBN website on whether to legalize lobbying, Thrashed it. Everyone Tweeted against Lobbying, but they weren’t shown, they went ahead broadcasting  their self cooked tweets supporting lobbying !

Why did they do this ?!

Another P.R activity for the corporates.
CNN-IBN Ran their own agenda to get some respect for the corporates who pay them.

Lessons to be learnt

  • Yet another example for News channels not being credible.
  • They can run crap stories if someone is willing to pay them for covering it.
  • They Manipulate Public Opinion, when they fail, They post their own Opinion as Public Opinion.
  • They Don’t Work for “common man” as they claim themselves, they work for the “corporate man”.
  • They Don’t highlight what people really need to know, they highlight what “they” want people to know.

It doesn’t mean it is true if they speak loudly and fearlessly looking straight into the camera, specially journalists who claim they practice “New age journalism”

Pay Attention!