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Survival of the Fittest and Chronic Capitalism

The theory in question is a famous one, taught in schools, colleges, portrayed in movies, at work places and everywhere where there is cut throat competition. Interestingly, in many cases it has been associated with violence, merciless behavior and racist activities.
But can that be the only interpretation of a theory that was based on evolution and not extinction ?


Well, It could have had other interpretations as well, had a group of people who identified themselves as “Social Darwinist” in the early 1900s not force-fitted it to suit their arguments.  The Social Darwinist used this to support their argument on eugenics, which meant weaker races will be eliminated to make way for races which they presumed to be stronger.  In the days that followed, the usage of phrase “Survival of the fittest” increased together with chronic capitalism which then went on to enslave every continent by demolishing all morals and suffocating other smaller businesses till they gave up.  Diversity lost its respect and indigenous groups were marginalized, world over fashion, design, art, movies, music etc started to have the same definition with the shining symbol of capitalism on top of them.


Further looking back, Humans have always been entertained by sides which fight or compete with each other in wars, sports, work etc.. where people, divided by belief systems support their teams that is part of their ideologies and test their strength. Again the phrase “Survival of the fittest” was force-fitted to suit these adrenaline bursts. We still see such statements floating round during football, cricket and other major tournaments were teams with conflicting belief systems compete.

There has never been a major sporting event were people irrespective of race, color, country, play as humans together, cooperate and complete a task. What will happen if we replace competition with cooperation ?
What will happen if all space agencies from around the world work together on a space exploration program instead of working separately as NASA, ISRO, CNSA, DLR and etc…? What will happen if all scientists cooperate and work together to answer all the humanities grave questions ? What will happen if all countries irrespective of borders cooperate and share resources equally and help each other ?

Will we be extinct ? Will we be losing our natural resources? Will it be hard to sustain humans in this planet?

For sure, The interpretation of the phrase “Survival of the fittest” will lose its meaning and get a new one which would emphasis on Co-Existence. Co-Existence of  people who respect each others differences, embrace nature, animals and promote peace. “Survival of the fittest” would mean the person who can cooperate and co-exist , the one who is mentally “fit” to let go of violence, to further the existence of human race and mother nature, together.

What will be extinct are the Numerous wars, Ideas of Imperialism, Racism, Ideas of Eugenics and finally Capitalism.

Let it crumble – peacefully.

It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.
Charles Darwin

Competition has been shown to be useful up to a certain point and no further, but cooperation, which is the thing we must strive for today, begins where competition leaves off. — Franklin D. Roosevelt

Who created this money? The piece of shit that buys everything!

Money Money Money! Give me more!

A phrase which I don’t really approve off! A long running debate in my head which am going to document now in this post – still in search for answers.

Do we need money? I ask this to myself very often!

Look at a tree, its probably a hundred years old, it have been giving life to every one around it. It would have produced tonnes of oxygen, protected, provided shelter to birds, humans, insects and animals – It never demanded money.

Look at the mountains, look at the snow, look at the water that they supply in abundance, look at the animals, humans, plants who depend on them for survival and yet  they never demanded money.

Everything we receive, everything we produce, everything we consume have been modified and recreated from what is available in this universe.

This being the case, I see Money is used to increase the inequality.
The whole equation where Money fits in seems so vicious.

The phrase “Survival of fittest” used in corporate and government agendas are so misleading, Does that mean one with money/resources is best suited to survive and others without money/resources should die? shouldn’t it be “Co existence or No existence” ? where the whole of humanity in unity with nature works for each other and moves forward to a sustainable, happy world.

We expect Incentives to work, we are motivated by Money, pay hikes, Promotions, More money, moreee money, more moneeeey and even more money, but what does it have to do with life on earth ?


One more thought that pops up in my head is that of artists, take for example a musician. A child is born, shaped up by various things around him/her, Influenced by life situations, goes through various emotions, creates music, which he/she shares with every one. But now we have a corporate copyrighting this creation and paying the musician with “Money” , A accumulation of thoughts and emotions entirely shaped up by various natural instances in the form of music is bought by a corporate through “Money”. Given the fact that the musician dies after 60 odd years, the corporation carries on copyrighting Music from  other music artists. The money paid by the corporation to the musician would have vanished in thin air by now but the music content created by the musician and copyrighted by the corporate is still there and it belongs to the corporate, any decision on who should and could listen to it now lies solely with the corporate. Apply this in every field.

Who created this money? The piece of shit that buys everything!

From Mountains to the river and the fishes 
From  Tress to the leaves and the air
From Humans to the Knowledge and the creations!

How can “Money” created from various elements in earth be more powerful than earth and its resources combined?

Why is physical labor not given much of an importance compared to an mental labor? 

I agree physical labor are in abundance and anything in abundance loses its value, but  who restricted them from gaining knowledge? “Money”

While physical laborers are paid too less to even take care of themselves leave alone the question of gaining knowledge that needs money to buy copyrighted research materials- Book. Make books, literature, Research materials available to everyone, let interested learn for free of cost.

Let everyone start from the same place!
Let everyone run the same race!
No one higher and no one lower to any other.

Rant to be continued! Add your thoughts, open for questions and suggestions 🙂