I am a Lab Rat

Lab Rat

I move through the sewers,
I have climbed skyscrapers.

Sailed oceans, traveled across continents.
I got a taste for blue cheese and scrambled eggs.
I descend from the family of the great Rattus Norvegicus.

This is my life inside a lab. Fed and bred for research.
Monitored 24×7 by people who believe they can read my mind. Amusing.

With a blink of an eye, my room temperature gets altered.
The light, so romantic, Inside a cage where I am secure. Confusing.

My vocals get captured, my locations tracked, I eat my own faeces,
I don’t want to get depressed.

But the cameras capture that too and leave me a bit embarrassed.

I got nothing to hide. This is my life under Surveillance.

Nobody can save me now,
I am a Lab rat – So are you.

Pic Courtesy: bioe.psu.edu


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