A Nation of Sheep or Pack of Wolves ?

The silence is raging!
Everyday inside my head I question myself.
Why is everyone silent? How can we stay silent? Why do we accept a system that is mechanical and how can 20 years of formal education and 40 years of job with fun on weekends, be normal ? be life ?

Why is this society so stupid to believe in everything that’s been propagated too slowly and skillfully ?

With each question I began my search for answers and the first one I thought about is our “Belief System”. We are trained at a very young age to “believe”.

By default on birth, we are classified under a “belief system”, labeled based on color, caste, faith, city, country etc.. kids are then sent to school, made to read, marked against whats taught, ranked against other kids, trained to follow the routine for 14 more years, all this to bring them under one common roof and as they grow up they are taught to be part of a larger belief system which is instrumental to control people. Any deviation from the established order is identified and crushed in these 20 odd years.

Job well done by the labor manufacturing unit.


In governance, “To believe” is a dangerous word.

We would have heard all our leaders demanding us to believe in them, believe in their rule, believe in our country, believe in our judiciary, but nowhere we will be persuaded to think. This is were our stupidity is projected normal.

How many leaders would have encouraged us to Think? Think about them? Think about their rule ? Think about our country ? Think about our Judiciary ??

How will it sound If Rahul Gandhi in a rally, stares at the crowd of several thousand and says, “I want all of you to think, Think about what we have done to this country in these 10 years, think about our rule, think about our efficiency and vote for us again”

A system based on belief brings people together which helps rulers who “think” and control them, whereas a system based on “thinking” would bring numerous thoughts which might lead to chaos. Chaos might sound negative but its negative to the ruler, enlightenment to people and hence the illusion that its negative.

I believe without divisive belief systems, a belief system based on love would bring peace and make this world – Heaven.

A  thinking nation would only further humanity.

Power to the people.

I want you to think and register your thoughts.

P.S: Money is also a reason. Read my earlier post on money and register your thoughts.

Who created this money? The piece of shit that buys everything!


4 thoughts on “A Nation of Sheep or Pack of Wolves ?

  1. The road to peace is simple, it is the way of love and truth, and starts with the individual… easy to say, hard to do… but it is possible…
    A very nice post Krishna!
    PEACE & LOVE 🙂

  2. Along with believing, we are also fed on a staple diet of being silent and carrying on. As long as our needs are met and we are happy with a house, car and retirement policies, there is nothing else that is needed. We are numb and passive. I wouldn’t be surprised if a French Revolution is started by those who are fighting for everything basic – food, a place to live and clean water and sanitation facilities.

    Spot on post, KK.

    Joy always,

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