Nail in the coffin of Transparency : RTI Activist Death

In a fast paced world connected through Internet, There has been a huge increase in the amount of information which people share with each other. Not to be left behind, our government too under the leadership of PM Manmohan Singh, came forward to share Information under the  Right to Information Act. After 58 Years of “democracy”, The RTI act in 2005 was our first step in adding more transparency to the system but unfortunately similar to every other law, it has only helped the corrupt, powerful hooligans to find and knock out the crusaders fighting against the corrupt system.

The delusion that RTI will help in establishing a more transparent system is fading fast with each murder, harassment and assault. It has only made one point strong, If you wish to fight the corrupt, come out, shout louder, demand information and get murdered. For this “Act” has only been a mouse trap for the corrupt to identify crusaders and not the other way around as widely presumed to be.

Are we democratic ?

Politically Yes! But in reality No! Under the sugar-coated projection of democracy we have allowed ourselves to be governed, regulated, censored by sadistic politicians, thugs who find pleasure in betraying, mocking the dreams of a billion people and crushing those who are tirelessly trying to fix the system – with brutal force.

RTI Deaths in India

What do we miss ?


Everyone of us! What do we do when we hear about the murder of an RTI activist ? Switch channels ? Share Posts ? Listen to debates ? Read the full story and forget ? 

What is their strength ?

Our Memory!

Check this quote on a “lighter note” by Shinde.

“Earlier the Bofors was a talking point. People forgot about it. Now it is coal. This too will be forgotten,” Shinde

The strength of the corrupt system is how often we hear a news and how quickly we forget it.

Dead, Dead, Dead, Dead!!

What really is dead is Humanity! The feeling of oneness that shows up only during cricket matches and celebrity shows!

We forget that every death is a nail in the coffin of Transparency, Democracy! 

Every one in the above list are fighters, they fought for us, fought to empower our people, they left their families behind, came out in the open, unarmed, all alone, to fight the corrupt. but unfortunately the “only” time we heard about them was only after they were teared to death.

The list is growing as we turn blind eye to the existing corrupt system.

What could be done ?

The right provides powers to 

  1. Obtain copies of permissible governmental documents.
  2. Inspect permissible governmental documents.
  3. Inspect permissible Governmental works and obtain samples.

And to Access RTI, the applicant will have to provide their permanent address, photo identification and father/spouse names, In most cases even before the information they sought for reach them, the corrupt pigs knock their home. Maybe they planned it perfectly from the initial stages to eliminate people fighting against the corrupt. 

We need a system where permissible governmental documents can be accessed anonymously. Every Information on governance should be made public and must be accessible over the Internet. There must be no restriction on the information provided and people must be encouraged and given the power to get access to the information they need, anonymously. Accessing information on governance is a Right and people who access them should be provided complete immunity from the corrupt.

Till then its a joke! a mockery of democracy and injustice to the billion people of our country. 

RTIs anniversary on 12th October will be a reminder to the selfless service and obituary of RTI activists.

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