Northeast Exodus: Let us join hands, Unite and Evolve

The dawn of a new day just after our celebration of 65 years of freedom has manged to reveal us that not all is well as it seems to be in our Vast, diverse Motherland.

The scene of our own country men fleeing their own state is perhaps the most uncomfortable situation to witness by a fellow Indian. It hurts deeply and highlights the fragmented relationship that we have shared with our North East brothers, their safety concerns are rather valid, for they rarely felt safe once they left their place of birth and entered the dense, chaotic Indian metros.

As far as I my observation goes, most of the men and women from NE are employed for cheap labor in cities and are left to live an isolated life with minimal interaction with the local communities, On gathering information from various resources online and Social media groups I noticed that their isolated life is also out of fear of being humiliated by the intolerant behavior of Local Groups. Yes, The races are different, so is every other race in India from south to north, from east to west, and it is this diversity cut across kilometers of land that defines our country – India.

The worrying cause is the perception formed in each other communities. These perceptions deny people from both the communities the true essence of inclusive community participation. The idea of Multiculturalism which leads to the representation of each community is what showcases us as the biggest democracy and it gets severely battered with instances of Intolerance and Racism. Racism undermines Development.

The government which encourages globalization, which in turn has brought communities together, should also actively indulge in positively altering perceptions tangled in knots within these communities. It is time for retrospection, Government should think and plan for building and bridging gaps within India, These can be met with the use of art and culture, with the promotion of knowledge and wisdom, and by encouraging collective community participation. Watching more hands join together would be our first step towards peace and harmony.

A Note for Media:  24X7 Media have no right to call themselves national media when all they cover is metros with heavy bias on Mumbai and Delhi. It is foolishness on their editorial part to think that people will not be interested in knowing about North East and South. If winning a chess championship by Vishy or a  medal by Mary Kom is what would make them cover the regions, we will have to wait till 2016 Rio Olympics. 24×7 channels have enough time to cover the whole of India but that’s only possible when they break out of their capitalistic interests. Media can for sure play a crucial role in altering perceptions (After all they do this for all their paid advertisers) and bring communities together to form a Formidable India.

What we need is not a revolution but evolution of man”kind!”


5 thoughts on “Northeast Exodus: Let us join hands, Unite and Evolve

  1. THe problem we have is that even if people would love ot live together in harmony the leaders would not let them and RELIGION definitely wont..

    which religion teaches to hurt a innocent and yet its religion is the cause of most bloodshed..

    Media is probably the one that stroked the fire .. as we saw them do in Guwahati ..

    independance day was celbrated but did we deserve to celebrate it NO..

    1. True! but its high time we sort out all our differences, understand each other and rise above religion to live peacefully. its our life and its our choice.


  2. Very nicely written. Great thought. But I just dont see this govt. taking steps to unite our country. It’s unfortunate but recent events have shaken the faith in united India. It’s more unfortunate that all govt. cared was some cleanup rather than doing something so that our north-east brothers do not have to suffer. Our country men are being punished while the illegal immigrants are protected. Shameful.

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