August 15: Freedom or Deception ?

Oh August 15th is nearby!
What should I write about?
Should I write about our Great Freedom struggle? or Should I write about our humble beginning as a nation and the largest democracy ? or Should I write about our Freedom fighters? or Should I write about how am reminded that we are free and a Independent country with the huge missiles and satellites on display? Or Should I stay calm and think for a better topic because,
Every time Independence day reminds about the freedom of few selfish people who decided to shut down a company and send thousands of its employees back home! and when every day I read about the freedom of few men who decided to violate their right and grab women of their moral rights and dignity and when every week I hear about few men extending their freedom through money and might and kidnap children to other parts of the country for prostitution and when every month a minister extends his freedom and robs the country of its hard-earned cash and When every year  few terrorists extend their freedom to crush the dreams of my fellow people!

What should I write about?!

The freedom of these people? or The inequality that is immeasurable?

The Independence day is for the politicians, the corrupt bureaucrats and corporate, the inhuman traffickers, molesters, poachers, terrorists and not for the people. The rich inheritance of Money, Power, Arms, and Position have truly enlightened them but have weighed down the true spirit of freedom from the heart of common man. While crimes, corruption, conflicts tower up everyday consuming the souls of poor men and women, where is the freedom to question them ? when every measure is crushed by brutal force, laws and policies, and with people lost in their daily lives, where is the freedom to stop them ?

Isn’t our country chained down, tortured and plundered by these sadistic men in power?  Shouldn’t this be called the “new age slavery” ? Look around!

People are still sold, People are still beaten to pulp, People are still kept ignorant, People are still left to starve, People are still looked down upon as “things”! What would it mean to them ? What would these celebrations of true independence, claims of equality, liberty, morality, mean to them ? Aren’t these celebrations a deception that cover up the crimes that have been committed ? A Mockery of democracy that we are expected to follow?

Only with endurance and courage, only with self-respect and dignity can we fight this Internal war for freedom, and only on the day when everyone in our country can truly relish the essence of true freedom, and only when our country vows to ensure equality, can we celebrate our Independence day. Otherwise August 15th is just the transfer of power from an external oppressor to an internal oppressor.


9 thoughts on “August 15: Freedom or Deception ?

  1. A good one Kicha!!! Its very much true that the Independence day is not for a common man… Its just an another holiday… We don have a good leader who would have ultimately given an answer for all your Qs… Moreover we are getting used to this…soon or later the word “Independence Day” would be merely a day for holiday rather than a day for Celebration … Its high time we start realising that We have not significantly changed since Indepenence…

  2. well very true… independence day is fun cos of the holiday and wen we wer young the chocolates and the programs that used to be conducted….the illusion picture explains everything… the freedom to choose the path to the corrupt india…

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