Who created this money? The piece of shit that buys everything!

Money Money Money! Give me more!

A phrase which I don’t really approve off! A long running debate in my head which am going to document now in this post – still in search for answers.

Do we need money? I ask this to myself very often!

Look at a tree, its probably a hundred years old, it have been giving life to every one around it. It would have produced tonnes of oxygen, protected, provided shelter to birds, humans, insects and animals – It never demanded money.

Look at the mountains, look at the snow, look at the water that they supply in abundance, look at the animals, humans, plants who depend on them for survival and yet  they never demanded money.

Everything we receive, everything we produce, everything we consume have been modified and recreated from what is available in this universe.

This being the case, I see Money is used to increase the inequality.
The whole equation where Money fits in seems so vicious.

The phrase “Survival of fittest” used in corporate and government agendas are so misleading, Does that mean one with money/resources is best suited to survive and others without money/resources should die? shouldn’t it be “Co existence or No existence” ? where the whole of humanity in unity with nature works for each other and moves forward to a sustainable, happy world.

We expect Incentives to work, we are motivated by Money, pay hikes, Promotions, More money, moreee money, more moneeeey and even more money, but what does it have to do with life on earth ?


One more thought that pops up in my head is that of artists, take for example a musician. A child is born, shaped up by various things around him/her, Influenced by life situations, goes through various emotions, creates music, which he/she shares with every one. But now we have a corporate copyrighting this creation and paying the musician with “Money” , A accumulation of thoughts and emotions entirely shaped up by various natural instances in the form of music is bought by a corporate through “Money”. Given the fact that the musician dies after 60 odd years, the corporation carries on copyrighting Music from  other music artists. The money paid by the corporation to the musician would have vanished in thin air by now but the music content created by the musician and copyrighted by the corporate is still there and it belongs to the corporate, any decision on who should and could listen to it now lies solely with the corporate. Apply this in every field.

Who created this money? The piece of shit that buys everything!

From Mountains to the river and the fishes 
From  Tress to the leaves and the air
From Humans to the Knowledge and the creations!

How can “Money” created from various elements in earth be more powerful than earth and its resources combined?

Why is physical labor not given much of an importance compared to an mental labor? 

I agree physical labor are in abundance and anything in abundance loses its value, but  who restricted them from gaining knowledge? “Money”

While physical laborers are paid too less to even take care of themselves leave alone the question of gaining knowledge that needs money to buy copyrighted research materials- Book. Make books, literature, Research materials available to everyone, let interested learn for free of cost.

Let everyone start from the same place!
Let everyone run the same race!
No one higher and no one lower to any other.

Rant to be continued! Add your thoughts, open for questions and suggestions 🙂


23 thoughts on “Who created this money? The piece of shit that buys everything!

  1. A good question u asked…and i also loved ur take on ‘survival of the fittest’….
    I was thinking about the same phrase yesterday and I concluded that these days that being fittest is evaluated with the amount of money you have; however it is not the case in every situaltion.

    1. Existing without money is happening around us, the whole universe never work or expect money, except our commercialized human civilization. We human beings can surely think of something extraordinary to answer our basic needs without the need for money.

      1. I think we can distribute the tasks related to our needs among ourselves.

        Also we need to rotate the tasks so that people who are working on land(agriculture) don’t feel inferior.

      2. Farmer suicides are because of money.
        No money no suicides.

        As told by me tasks will be rotated so everyone will do everything.
        Everyone will be equal.

  2. I think the best example I liked in the post was about Music, Musician and the Corporates. I also liked the opinion on making the books(copyrighted texts) free to the world which would then give equal opportunities to everyone.

  3. Money as a medium of exchange was used in many civilizations to curb the disputes raised by commerce (buying and selling of goods) and enhancing barter system of trade. For eg – A cow could be worth 5 goats but what should be done if only 3 goats are required, how can the exchange be done. Disputes like these were present in the bartar system and to tackle these money was introduced. The latest account as i recollect was in Europe done by a Gold Merchant. People agreed that gold is a good form of money to be used for exchange as it is considered of value everywhere. However even after introducing gold coins as money the threat of theft was still there, hence the banks came into picture allowing people to keep their gold in the bank lockers and the banks issued a certificate of deposit(paper notes) as a proof of ownership. Eg – For every 100 gold coins available there was a certificate worth 100 gold coins present. The bankers tried to print more certificates of deposits than the gold present in their lockers which lead to the destruction of the economy. Since then the economies of various countries have been shaped by money. If the paper money was limited to the amount of gold or silver present in each country then no country would be able to fight expensive wars and there would not have been a possibility of too much government intervention. Also i believe one of the reasons for economic inequality in the world is Money Lending. The charge of interest on the money lent made sure the money and its power resided in the hands of few elites. These elites then made sure the society was shaped to their liking and the general masses remain ignorant about issues concerning themselves. The problem with the world today is not the existence of money, the problem is the lack of knowledge about money. There is no money in existence as of now but only FIAT currencies and there is no limit on the amount that can be printed by any government. I agree to the fact that everyone should be treated equally and also thank you for pointing out the influence of society/surroundings on our thoughts and actions. Looks like people and societies are being dumbed down and converted into wage/salary slaves in the interest of a few handful elites.

    1. Hi Adarsh!

      Thanks for a great insight, you have perhaps summarized the complete evolution of money in an interesting way. I think about people being slaves everyday when i start to work, The huge number of people leaving out to work around the same time and returning back home around the same time exhibits how we have been chained together cleverly for the opportunistic interests. Now its an invisible chain in the name of money that manages to keep us dumb, Unfortunately our schools don’t teach us Financial freedom, it only conditions our mind to work for the corporate. Only way is people realizing themselves that they are not rich with money alone.


      1. Your comment about our schools not teaching us financial freedom. Yes that is true. We cant rely on our education system alone.

        Read Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing. It will provide you an excellent insight into a lot of things.

      2. Right! Thanks for your suggestion .. I have read Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad, I will soon read Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing as well 🙂


  4. Okay. This is say what everyone says when they get tired of all the bullshit happening in the world.

    What do you know about Gresham’s Law ?

    In the end this Paper Money which everyone goes behind, is not worth at all. At some point , all paper money would turn useless.

    Also getting rich isn’t tough. It is quite easy though a boring and mechanical process that you have to do for a long period. So if someone is poor, then it is because of their inability.

    Rags to Riches doesn’t happen easily as in Cinema . Yes. But it can happen. Gradually.

    And yes, Money or more specifically Being Rich is say a qualification now in the world.

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