Human rights for Criminals?!

The death of five criminals related to bank robbery is still a mystery, whats even more mysterious is the timing of argument by Human rights activists that  encounters are unethical and the accused should never be shot down by policemen.

Every encounter by police evokes a response from Human rights activists who come out strongly against such cases and accuse police for taking law into their own hands and punishing accused without trial. what I fail to understand about them is, If they really care about the lives being taken by policemen, isn’t it their responsibility to be proactive and ensure such instances don’t occur again?!

If Human rights activist are against such encounters by policemen, why not lobby for non lethal weapons for policemen?!

Why arm policemen with Ak 47s, Rifles and pistols and expect them to use  them as a show piece ?!

There are  Rubber bulletswax bulletsplastic bulletsbeanbag rounds, and rubber bullets with electroshock effect, why not argue for investment in such Non lethal weapons while dealing with cases like these, to minimize casualty rather than popping out from nowhere after every successful encounter?!

The timing of their press meets and their views in debate shows makes one wonder if these rights are actually to save criminals! Are human rights only for criminals ? Why don’t these “Activists” consider the lives of ordinary people and their human rights put to risk by these criminals?

We hear about numerous cases of murder, rape, terror strikes, instances where human rights are compromised by these criminals, but that’s when we never get to hear anything from our human rights activists. why not fight those criminals and make them better citizens than fighting the policemen in debate shows after an encounter is done?

When a rape witness was raped and killed by ministers goons(Link: Ministers goons ganerape witness), we only heard from the media, not from human rights activists. We never heard from any human rights activists when two kids where sexually assaulted and Killed in Coimbatore, but we did hear from them when the accused was gunned down by policemen in an encounter!

Either these activists should ensure policemen are armed with the right weapons to handle such cases or they should make sure these criminals are punished and set good examples to the society. I see neither being done by them.

This post is not to encourage encounters (In every encounter, policemen being shot in their left arm is a mystery cracked only in films)

This post is for the Human Rights activists. We don’t want to hear from you after every encounter, we all know that you care for our rights! we need results. Be proactive and work on measures that would ensure safety, that would guaranty our rights rather than pointing fingers at policemen.


14 thoughts on “Human rights for Criminals?!

  1. Dude.. we have some same thought running inside our head, i cant say that as COINCIDENCE !
    Excellent posts.. pin pointed very well 🙂
    they can change their name as CRIMINAL SAVERS
    My post on same topic-

  2. very well written, me too hate any type of useless human right activism. i think they do this for cheap publicity and news….they are just another NGOs getting money/donations/ funds in the human rights…

    1. Maybe!! I feel there is a huge gap between human rights activist and public perception.. this is being utilized by politicians and policemen. it is their duty to connect with people, exposing themselves in the mainstream during encounters like these wont help their cause 🙂

  3. dude !
    the human rights commission’s main role is to put a check on the police power. I am not supporting the criminals but there should be some mechanism to control the police from doing any heinous acts. I think the system of police and HRC is well balanced !

    1. It is well balanced, no doubt on that. But am tired hearing the same words after every encounter. if they value lives they should work on ways to minimize such encounters. speaking out every time after an encounter is done is not going to help them! criminals are already dead!

  4. Very thought provoking post. We really need to take a close look at both the principles of criminal justice and how it is enforced and bring in a more rational and human way of doing it. At the same time, we need to stop treating turning all such developments into food for media frenzy. Often, this results in real issues being sidelined or ignored, since there is not enough media space for it.

    1. Thanks! 🙂 there is enough media space in 24×7 channels (minus debates on bachans baby, saifs fight, cricket contrversies etc), am wondering if the portrayal of human rights activists is right by these news agencies. what reaches us is significantly influenced by media.

      I feel the stereotyping of human rights activists in news by recording their voice majorly during encounters such as these and sidelining them from other issues also needs to be looked upon. Media is to be blamed as well.

  5. Everytime a human rights activist feels strongly sbout the treatment of a criminal, i suggest that the said criminal be released to the care of the concerned human rights person to ensure that the poor b***ard is well looked after

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