Is Manipur Part of India?

While our National Media Keeps it viewers focused on Cricket, F1 and UPA, Our Own state Manipur is struggling to get basic commodities. Economic blockade on two national highways in Manipur has entered the 88th day this Thursday and the center is busy fighting corruption charges and making allegations against activists and politicians.

Can you imagine buying  LPG cylinders priced at Rs 1650, petrol at Rs 100 and diesel at around Rs 80 in the black market? that too in a economically backward state like  Manipur!  Reports say that the Manipur Government is trying its best to bring in these items from outside the state but what support has it received from its neighboring states ?? Are they even aware about this issue ?? Why is the Self Proclaimed “National” Media Being partial to other Indian States??

Telengana Activists accuse Media for not properly covering the Telengana Issue, but they should be happy because a similar issue in Manipur has not even found a mention in Media.

“For more than two months now two arterial national highways from Assam to Manipur and Mizoram are under siege, with Kuki activists demanding a separate district called Sadar Hills and the Nagas who have been opposing such a move without the consent of the community which has been living there for years.”  [Ref:]

With no sign of peace and increasing prices of basic commodities, I deeply sympathize for the Manipur People.

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5 thoughts on “Is Manipur Part of India?

  1. That’s a nice post and first few lines were really punchy !
    There are unnoticed people everywhere, like fisherman of tamil nadu and Kashmiri’s and tribal people in all states !!!
    Only time can save them !

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