Media Bias: What we fail to Notice

Being part of this 21st Century we spend most of our time paying attention to Electronic media. Be it Radio, Television, Internet, Newspapers, Books etc Media is everywhere providing information, entertainment, ads and much more.

A Major part of media is used by Politicians, Film Stars, Sportsmen to reach people and shape their perception on an Issue. These programmes are often sponsored, powered, or co-sponsored by Corporates to promote their product.

The Power to influence and alter our perception in a Product-Consumer driven market gives media more authority. This is exactly were we are all taken for a ride. Media bias happens when a certain television channel or press pushes its viewpoint instead of being objective about that issue. It often suppresses one part of the story and provides only what it feels is right.

The above arguments may not highlight the seriousness of this issue, for a better understanding please watch the video shared below.

Bias and unfairness in media have existed for long, it exist because we allow ourselves to be fooled and Brain washed. Regionally Sun Tv, Kalaingar and Jaya Tv are clear examples for Media Bias, however we fail to notice the same in National Media Channels like Ibn, Ndtv, Times Now.

By allowing them to fool ourselves we are making them dominant which explains why every political party has vested interest in starting their own media firm or investing in media firms through shares.

The Need of the hour is awareness among people to seek for a more clear objective report than a Biased one.

Will you allow media to fool you and make money out of it ?


9 thoughts on “Media Bias: What we fail to Notice

  1. The English Media particularly NDTV and IBN are the most biased news channels. they are paid channels of the Congrss party. Whenever there is some news on Modi, they get orgasm of happiness.

    Same is the case with hindi news channel like Star News.

  2. National media is not biased? Oh my! I don’t see any news channels anymore because of the hopelessness of their biased coverage and biased commentary. They can report the same issue in one angle for the first day, and then completely give a different angle on the second day. One wonders how they come to a different opinion so quickly! You have a good blog, mate. Keep continuing the good job you are doing. Also keep in touch 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    1. Its all TRP driven business! they need to engage their audience everyday.. so when they have no more stories to cover they give a new angle to an existing story! its pathetic. Thanks for your comment 🙂 will keep in touch.. 🙂

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