India’s Terror Response

Terror strikes and Bombay are synonymous. It happens every now and then at will, when the terrorists feel they are not given proper care and attention. What do these terror strikes really mean to us? A reality check.

Congress: To them this is purely a publicity stunt by terrorist and that’s how they term anything that doesn’t look good for the government.

Media: A New Breaking News and something new to chew about other than the Jan Lok pal Bill. Fancying a Indo-Pak war would top the agenda. To them life is a reality show.

Politicians: Would Visit Hospitals, Announce Money ranging from 1 lakh – 5 lakh depending on the Injury, sympathize in front of media, go home – sleep.

Home Ministry (you need not be an intellectual to understand this)

Step1: Confirm Terror Strikes Once Bomb blasts Happen.

Step2: Strictly Condemn Such Cowardly acts.

Step3: Accuse Pakistan

Step 4: Look upto US and other countries for Extending Solidarity against Terror.

Step 5: Forget.

Step 6: When Terror strikes Again, Goto Step 1.

People: Update Fb Status, Post pictures, type –  awwwwww, r.i.p, hang kasab,  goto pakistan communities and video channels curse their mothers, family etc show your patriotism.. logout.

This seems to be an endless story.
Everything is the Same, Except for the Lives Lost.


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