Manufacturing Consent in India

Man follows faith and it requires necessary illusions connected by emotions which is created by myth makers to keep them on course. In a military state or a feudal state people are controlled by force, but when voice of people can be heard we have a serious problem because people can think and discriminate things thats imposed on them, here arises the reason to control what they think, which is done by executing a propaganda through various means spearheaded by Media.

Major Decisions on Economy, Education, Entertainment or any other thing in this world are taken by a relatively less number of people  whose interest takes form as the propaganda.
The Decision making class in charge never want the other 80% of ordinary class to focus on things which they don’t want them to know. Our function is to follow orders and not to think.

The Major Media are the Agenda Setting Media, they Set the tone which others adopt. this is done by Selection of topics, Word Limit, Pictures, News Framing, Etc.
They Decide, They Determine, They Select, They Shape and They Control notes Noam Chomsky.

1)  Nearly 300,000 Slum Dwellers were removed by force, their lands grabbed to build Stadiums for Common wealth games. Beggars rounded up and arrested, kept in special cells, to showcase our country as the best place on earth [Ref: Outlook Nov 21, 2010] (Still we stink big time thanks to CWG Scam)
Are we aware about that ? Most of us were busy reading about Mukesh Ambanis costliest home not making it to the Forbes list.

2) We are aware of Youth Icons selected by Mtv in US of A but are we aware of the young inventor striving to get sponsor for this new invention in India? the answer is No! Countries far apart have been brought closer to enable corporate interests which helps chronic capitalism and we fail to notice our own neighborhood.

3)There have been protests against Coca cola in India

But we are busy doing the Coca Cola Brrrrrrrrrrrrr !
They fund the All Major sporting events, Cricketers, Media Agencies, Advertisers etc..  Now who is going to show us these protests that happen everyday in our own city ? No One!

4) How often do we see Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Sharuk Khan? their images are thrown at us every hour because that keeps us busy and gives the other self renounced elite class to quietly do their work.

5) Everyone is Watching T.V to know about Rajinis Speedy Recovery, MSD’s New Haircut, Vijay Mallyas Yacht, Aishwarya rais Designer Out fit, Apple Iphones Latest Release these have been a result of constant culturing of thoughts by the people in power.. it works like this

We are shown things that make us envious. we chase them every day to reach whats unreal, we fail to notice that in a way we help them to live their lives.

In our own place right next to us there are far more bitter truths which always fail to make the headlines in our  Media. even issues which accuse Media lie down unnoticed, issues like Paid News, Twittergate, Lobbying, etc are serious allegations which our media channels will never dare to highlight.

Now with us occupied or kept entertained, informations on corporates are forced on to us every second, every minute, every day in a year [Ref Ipl Sponsors] we are influenced, most importantly we are held together to serve the few.


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