Define: ‘Indian’ Democracy

Being a citizen of the worlds largest democracy I felt guilty in not knowing the true meaning of Democracy, I was quick enough to search the term “Democracy“, and got this : The term democracy comes from the Greek language and means “rule by the (simple) people”. Well… then I searched the term “Simple” in an Indian Dictionary and got this :

  • Simple people who enjoy being in a PARTY (usage either way).

  • Simple people who can just resign and get away with money fraudulence and scams worth billions.
  • Simple people who can can run Private shows in  Media Channels  to prove themselves Right!
  • Simple people who have accounts in Swiss Bank and loot money provided by World Bank.
  • Simple people who earn  Rs 50,000 per month, MISCELLANEOUS Excluded.

  • Simple people who roam in multiple cars , whose visit is guarded by a hundred people, traffic stopped for hours.
  • Simple people who travel only once in a sub urban train and boast it off

  • Simple people who own private companies that work on government schemes for the welfare of society.

We made them Simple.


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