Celebrating 63 years of In–dependence

We have won freedom.
A historical moment perhaps which would never be forgotten but the words said on this day, do they still hold true?
Jawaharlal Nehru, on this day in 1947 said, “At the dawn of history India started on her unending quest. She has never lost sight of that quest or forgotten the ideals which gave her strength. We end today, a period of ill fortune and India discovers herself again.”

True to his words at the dawn of history we Indians started our unending quest in being independent. However, Nothing much has changed since freedom. Now, we are led by mindless consumerism, driven by media. We fail to comprehend our own cultural systems and are led by bogus saints in disguise. We learn about our freedom struggle just for scoring marks led by teachers who work for wages. Our every effort towards building a stronger nation gets wasted, led by corrupt and incompetent politicians.

We are a nation with a broken leg; we lean on others to provide us what we need. Be it Arms, Medicare, Science and Technology, we are still dependent, looking forward for a helping hand instead of finding a cure ourselves; we still lack the grit to stand on our own. Sixty-three years and India has forgotten her ideals which gave her the strength. The strength which helped her in fighting the most powerful army without any arms, the strength which helped her to hold herself together without breaking apart in situations of crisis. Instead of being united, we now have broken ourselves into pieces for the vested interests to pounce on. Making ourselves an easy prey to strike at will. What we need is an indigenous system that works and provides a solution for us in being independent. Teachers who inspire students, Leaders who are brave enough to fight for what they believe in, without succumbing to the pressure of vested interests and people who are determined to end the ill fortune for India. Quoting Gandhi “A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people” it’s our turn to add soul to this nation which is fast losing its identity and help discover her again.



4 thoughts on “Celebrating 63 years of In–dependence

  1. Every word said here is true. Hope people get inspired from this post and i personally expect many such posts. Thanx for this one! 🙂

  2. Great….!!!! i’ve cried (still crying) for my country , i wondered is there any soul like me ….there were only few, and you have become one among them , A friend of mine (Karthikeyan Balasubramanian) gave this link to read your blog…!!! take this to the next level (please) , publish it ,,, write more and more and more , hope it atleast makes a little change in the future… i will do my best to share this link to my friends….take care .

    1. Thank you so much saravanan 🙂 am very happy to know that you liked it 🙂 true… Our country is in very bad shape… Worse is, this inspite of us having every wealth and knowledge.. We just dont feel good enough about ourselves this is because of the wrong perception created by various institutions including politicians.. With your encouraging words i assure you i will write more on our country.. Thanks again 🙂

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